IBIZA FEATHERS EMONK born in late 2010, introducing online sales in Spain of AUTHENTIC 100% feather extensions for hair natural.

We have presence in more than five countries, all thanks to the QUALITY is the basis of our company policy.


Extensiones de plumas naturales
Make'Up for hair
Feathers perfect for your hair



Our feather extensions can be treated basically as the hair itself, pudiéndolas WASH using shampoo, conditioner .... DRY (with hairdryer), STRAIGHTEN (with the plates up to 300 degrees C º) and even CURLING (using foam, diffuser or curling) ....
They adapt to all hair types!
Each extension consists of 5 FEATHERS and joined at the tip with a minimum length of 25cm and a maximum of 35cm.
With each extension will receive ABSOLUTELY FREE 5 ring and hair threader. Just need a pliers to press the ring, you can find in our SHOP section Installation Tool.





Feathers easy to install



Really easy to install micro OUR EXCLUSIVE comb system "Detachable" or rings / clips, threading a lock of hair and feathers introduced by the ring and chafando with pliers. You can do it yourself by following the steps of our video tutorial.
You see it is very easy!
They are very durable (3-6 months or more depending on how you care for) and REUSABLE just change the ring and put back for another 3-6 months! , In the case of "Detachable" last forever.
Ideal to change your look in seconds and can do it yourself, add a touch of style to your hair with this latest trend that has become a fashion icon and will be again one of the most requested accessories for this 2013!! . Feather extensions for hair IBIZA EMONK the only 100% NATURAL ... 100% ORIGINAL!


accesorios, pulseras, collares


100% hecho a mano